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Sydney Paralympics Sports Success Forever Changed The Games

In the world of sports timing can play a major role in. It was the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games, which began 20 years ago this week. Held in a time where there was a Paralympic movement was expanding and becoming more prominent. The Sydney Games left a legacy that forever altered the way in. Which the games are conduct and the way Paralympic players train, prepare and compete. The very first officially sanction Paralympic Games held in Rome in 1960, one week following Rome’s Rome Summer Olympics. A year after four years later, it the… Read Article →

Paralympics Changed My Life Due To An Disease

I lost my legs when I was four due to an disease. There are photos of my family showing me in my toddler years but the time was long since that I cannot remember it today. It could be as old-fashioned saying you can’t miss what you never had. After being assessed by a variety of medical professionals but there was no definitive reason for what caused me to lose the feeling and movement of my lower legs. The feeling eventually returned, but I’ve never developed any significant muscle mass in my legs. The mystery… Read Article →

Brief History Of The Paralympic Games Rehabilitation To Mega Sport

Around 160 countries are expected to participate during this year’s Rio 2016 Paralympic games involving around 4,350 athletes competing in 528 medals across 22 sports. This represents an 11-fold increase in the number of athletes participating from 400 in 1964’s Tokyo games. The number of countries represented at the games have increased between 1964 and 160. Moreover, in the last two years, participation played has been increased 2.5 times, from nine to 22. The Games have therefore changed from an event that was exclusively for athletes using wheelchairs, to now embracing 10 different impairment categories… Read Article →

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